New Bright does not supply replacement parts. Toy and hobby shops typically stock generic replacement parts that fit New Bright battery powered trains.

Once batteries are put into the tender car and it is connected to the engine you push the switch located on the side of the engine. Forward, backward, or neutral movement settings make the train move along the track. There is usually a smoke stack adjustment that controls the sound of these types of trains.

Make sure that you have fresh batteries installed properly in the tender car. If your engine still does not have power, check to make sure that the plug that goes from the tender to the engine is fully seated. Finally, make sure that the battery contacts in the tender car are clean of any debris or corrosion. If these contacts are dirty, clean them with a small piece of sand paper or a small nail file.

If the animation does not work on your train set, turn the train car upside down and make sure that the wheels of your train car are making contact with the gears underneath the train car. Also, make sure that all of the car wheels turn freely without restriction.

It is recommended that you only use corn oil and water to make the train engines smoke. Do not use vegetable oil, because it will damage the train heating element inside the engine

See photos below for how to repackage your Model 284 Holiday Express Animated Train.

New Bright does not supply replacement parts. For a limited time, replacement parts for Model 384 Holiday Express are now available for purchase through the official New Bright aftermarket supplier, RC Chargers, at Click here to visit RC Chargers home page.

Does not apply to other A/C power model sets.