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RC Hot Wheels Rhinomite Monster Truck

Model NO. 61051U

The 1:10 Scale 4×4 RC Hot Wheels Rhinomite Monster Truck is a detailed design of the newest Hot Wheels Monster Truck. The intimidating Rhinomite takes 2021 to next level with new details and features. 15 inches in length, the large RC is clad with a cracked paint body that looks great everywhere. The truck features oversized rubber tires, working lights, and a rollover recovery chassis for recoveries from distance.  A great purchase for large spaces and outdoors. You’ll have fun everywhere.

This full-function radio control Hot Wheels Monster Truck comes equipped with oversized rubber tires and led lights to light up rugged paths! The simple game style remote control is intuitive for children and beginners. Left and Right joysticks control all 4 wheels and vertical drive. Additionally, left and right trigger buttons control sounds and vapor.  This Hot Wheels Monster Truck can operate in a range up to 100 feet. Furthermore, 2.4 GHz radio technology allows you to run six similar RCs interference free and syncing new vehicles easy.  All batteries required included. Easily recharge by an attached USB cable. Connect the attached cord to any powered USB port and within 2 hours the vehicle will be recharged and ready for a new adventure.

Makes a great purchase for truck lovers, children age 6-10, or any RC enthusiast who is still young at heart. Bring the thrill of a Hot Wheels Monster Truck Rally right into your home!

Package includes 1:10 scale 4×4 RC Hot Wheels Rhinomite Monster Truck and remote control. Batteries required and included.

Battery Requirements:

  • (Internal) 9.6V USB Smart Charge System Lithium Battery
  • (2) "AA" for Transmitter


  • All Wheel Drive
  • Self-Righting Rollover Recovery
  • Vapor Steam Effect
  • Rumbling Engine Sounds
  • Full Function Radio Control
    • Forward/Reverse Driving
    • Left/Right Steering
  • 2.4 GHz Remote Control Transmitter
    • Longer Range
    • Faster Response
    • Internal Antenna
    • Race Up to 6 Vehicles at Once!
  • All Batteries Included
  • Working Headlights

Max Drivers:


The “steering wheel” icons represent the maximum number of vehicles that can be independently operated in the same vicinity at the same time. The maximum number of drivers is determined by the vehicle's frequency. Additional information, regarding vehicle frequencies, can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Asset 68+AGES Asset 6 Asset 3


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