New Bright

Electric Train Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find replacement parts for my electric train?
New Bright does not supply replacement parts. Toy and hobby shops typically stock generic replacement parts that fit New Bright electric trains.
How does my electric train set function?
The 110/120 voltage supplied from the wall outlet is transformed to 10 volts and carried through the train's electrical wire down to the track clip. The track clip hooks onto the train track to supply the 10 volts to the train set. Another electrical wire supplies power to the controller. The controller communicates specific functions that it wants the train to perform with the tender car. The engine will not function without the tender attached to it.
Why is there no power to my train track?
If there is no power to your train track, check all of the connections to the train track. Make sure that the track clip is not installed in the holes on the sides of the track. Also make sure that the track clip spring part is touching the brass part of the track. Verify that the track clip has a reading of 10 volts. If the track clip does not have power, it could be bad or the transformer from the wall to the track clip could be bad.
How do I check to see if I have power to my track clip?
A voltage meter is required to measure the voltage across the track clip. Under normal circumstances, there should be a 10 volts reading across the track clip. Put the positive lead of the meter to one side of the track clip and the negative lead to the opposite side of the track clip to check the voltage.
My track clip has a 10 volt reading and my controller light is not on. Why is this?
This indicates that either the track clip or the controller is defective.
My controller light stays on but it is red and my train does not function. How can I fix this?
This may indicate a short in the train's electrical system. Push the reset button on the controller. If this does not correct the problem, refer to the maintenance section of your instruction manual to clean the tracks and train car contacts. If none of these preventative measures work, you probably have either a defective controller or a short in the train's electrical system. All electrical components of the train set (transformer, track clip, controller and/or tender car) would need to be replaced.
My musical clock station has no power to it. Why is this?
This situation can arise if the spring part of the track clip is not touching the brass part of the train track or the clock station is defective.
Will accessories for the 380 train set be available this year?
Most of the 384 accessories will work on the 380 train. However, the track that comes with these accessories will not work with the 380 track.
What size or scale is the train track that my electric train runs on?
The train track size is called G scale.
Are there going to be any new train cars available for the holiday season?
Unfortunately, there will not be any new cars made for this holiday season.